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Good for International Professionals engaged in Business and International Cooperation 

Model: Yuki & Koji, IDCJ

About Global Suit

The "Global Suit" is specialized for International Professionals engaged in business and international cooperation activities. It provides excellent functionality, maximum security, and comfortability. It also enables you to express important values among international professionals, including hope for peace, gender inclusiveness, and environmental considerations. The Global Suit is a product of collaboration between Oasis Lifestyle Co. and the International Development Center of Japan Inc. (IDCJ)

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Model: Yuki & Koji, IDCJ


Special features of The Global Suit

Maximize your functionality, security, and comfortability.

A total 14 pockets, with 7 in the jacket and 7 in the pants, including 3 zipped pockets in the jacket and 5 in the pants.
With these pockets, you can immediately evacuate with your belongings during emergencies.
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You can apply your favorite pad-lock to one of the pockets inside the jacket to prevent theft that can occur on the streets and even during airport X-ray baggage inspections.


The Global Suite is made with Ultimex, a new material developed in Japan, Ultimex is very soft and elastic, with a Luxurious. Most importantly, it is easy to care for, and you can wash it at home with the rest of your laundry.
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Model: Yuki & Koji, IDCJ

The Values of Global Suit wearers

Express yourself in business and international cooperation activities.

Hope for peace

The blue and white faux handkerchief in the pocket's breast pocket and the piping lining the jacket interior are  elegant symbols of peace. The handkerchief also conveys the wearer is respectable, even without a tie.
The handkerchief can also be hidden inside when preferred.

Gender inclusiveness

We use the same design for women and men in our philosophy,  there is no reason for gendered differentiation. The only design distinction we make is that women's pants are slimmer around the lower leg to prevent the hem of pants  from touching the floor of the restroom.
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Model: Yuki & Koji, IDCJ

Environmental consideration

The Global Suit can be washed at home. Ironing is not necessary. The suit can be easily laundered during travel. Additionally, it is conducive to water conservation in water-limited parts of the world. Needless to say,
we do not support disposable apparel. 

Shops where global suits are available

Shops in Japan and the online shop

WWS Flagship Store Shinjuku

Hours: 11AM - 8PM (JST)
Address: 3 chome 15-16, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo,
☎: 81-3-5315-0213
Items: All products of WWS, including the Global Suit (Men's & Women's)

Google Map


(Pictures taken from WWS websites)

Tokyo Station

Hours: 10AM - 8PM (JST)
Address: 1-go, Yaesu Underground Street, Tokyo Station, 2chome-1, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
☎: 03-6262-1353
​Items: All products of WWS, including the Global Suit (Men's & Women's)

Google Map


WWS Online Shop

Hours: Open 24 hours and on holidays
Address: WWSxIDC globalsuit

Note: You can order the Global Suit from anywhere in the world.
The price will be shown either in your local currency or USD. Orders will be shipped from Japan. 
​Items: A
ll products of WWS, including the Global Suit (Men's & Women's)


The most updated news related to the the Global Suites and WWS (Workwearsuit) will be posted here.

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Thank you for your purchase in 2023. The most popular sizes (LL, L, and M) are already sold out in stores. We are currently increasing production and the items are expected to arrive in stores in June 2024.  (Feb.29,2024)

Sold-out sizes of our bestselling products will be available in stores as well as online in June 2024 ! 


WorldShopping is now available.

Now you can purchase Global Suits from any country (225 countries and regions).
PayPal, Alipay, and Amazon Pay are accepted payment methods. The price in US$ (dollars) is automatically calculated and indicated in the cart. 



Questions and Bulk Orders

(You can ask us in English. We will respond to you in English.) 

email :

Global Suit Team (Att: Naomi, Ryo & Nodoka)

International Development Center of Japan (IDCJ)

Shibaura Crystal Shinagawa 12th Floor
1-6-41 Konan,Minato-ku,
Tokyo 108-0075,Japan

Updated: 2024-03-06

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